Philanthropic Trends in a Changing Landscape (What the heck is going on?!)

Amid a moment of the greatest wealth concentration ever, with mega gifts being made by a wide variety of donor types, donor advised funds inspiring greater levels of giving, and a boom economy, there are storm clouds to be noted on the horizon. A new administration with different priorities, general uncertainty, tax changes, heavy reliance on top donors, increased competition, and individuals able to make social impact investments across the spectrum of profit and nonprofit organizations.

Join leaders in the sector in a review of philanthropic trends in the year just completed, and anticipated for FY’s 17-19, to discuss likely regulatory and tax changes and their impact going forward, and to explore the key issues needing focus in 2017 in charting a course for the future.

Panel: Led by Lynne LaMarca Heinrich, Senior Consultant, Principal, Marts & Lundy; Michael J. Cooney, Partner, Nixon Peabody; Laura MacDonald, CFRE, Founder & President, Benefactor Group