That’s a wrap for AMDA 2024!

Dear AMDA Colleagues,

The dust is now settling from the 2024 AMDA Conference and what a delight it was to host such a fabulous group here at The Huntington! Thank you to all who made this conference such a special gathering. We are also very thankful to those who led sessions and panels as well as AMDA past presidents for their wisdom and kind counsel.

It was a real pleasure to serve as AMDA president this year and I am very excited to look forward to next year. For those who do not yet know, we are going to Detroit care of our friend Nina Sapp at Detroit Institute of Arts.  Thanks Nina! 

Also, there are about 35 AMDA members who still need to renew for 2024. Here’s a link: AMDA Membership Join/Renew

Randy Shulman 
AMDA 2024 President