About AMDA

For the past 50 plus years, the Art Museum Development Association has served as the professional organization for chief development officers of art museums in North America. Through AMDA, colleagues learn about emerging industry trends, establish meaningful connections and exchange with peers, and share skills, learning, ideas, challenges and wins that are unique to the chief development role, all in a private environment.

The primary benefit of AMDA is the annual conference, hosted by a different art museum each year. The event features best practices case studies, presentations and panels offering both strategic and tactical advice by experts and thought leaders in the field as well as fellow members; round table discussions for directors of development segmented by museum type and size; tours of local private collections; and networking opportunities.

Beyond the conference, an additional benefit of AMDA is its invitation-only listserv exclusively for AMDA members, an online forum through which professional questions are posed, ideas are exchanged, jobs are posted, and candid advice is sought in a safe peer environment.

You will find great value in the AMDA professional network. AMDA Membership and conference participation is open to the senior-most development executive employed by an art museum.

The 2025 Annual AMDA Conference will be held at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  We look forward to seeing everyone!