2018 Conference Sponsorship Opportunity

AMDA 2018

Art Museum Development Association

Founded in 1972, AMDA is the professional organization exclusively for chief development officers of North American art museums. Through participation, colleagues stay in touch with emerging industry trends, establish connections with peers across the country, and learn or pass along skills unique to the chief development role in an art museum. The primary benefit of AMDA is its annual conference, hosted by a different art museum each year. The conference features presentations by leaders working in the art museum development field and other experts, panel discussions, tours of local private collections, and networking opportunities. Most of the major art museums in the country have hosted AMDA at some point over the years since the conference began. 2018 marks the second time the Denver Art Museum has been chosen and the conference will be held May 14-17. 75-100 chief development officers will participate in the conference this year, which will take place at the Hotel Born: Art Museum Development Association Booking Link

Beyond the conference, a secondary benefit AMDA provides is its invitation-only listserv ([email protected]) for AMDA members, an online forum through which professional questions are posed, ideas are exchanged, jobs are posted, and candid advice is sought in a safe peer environment.

The AMDA website (amdaconference.org) has information on past conferences and a roster of active members. AMDA tradition holds that the host institution’s chief development officer serves as president of the association for the conference year and the development shop hosting the conference serves as AMDA’s home office, beginning in the year prior to their conference. AMDA Membership and conference participation is open to the senior-most development executive employed by an art museum.

Your participation in the AMDA conference is welcome and we hope you will join us in Denver. We are certain that you will find great value in the AMDA professional network.

In addition to 8-10 conference sessions, a number of events will take place in the afternoons and evenings during the conference. Sponsorship opportunities are attached.


Sponsorship Opportunities

$5,000 Conference Sponsor

Logo Recognition on conference sponsor webpage for one year

Logo recognition in conference materials

Promotional Materials available to participants

Branded gift and brochure

$10,000 Conference Patron Sponsor

$5,000 level benefits plus:

Event sponsorship options:

Up to 2 sponsor representatives at the event

1 sponsor representative may attend the conference as benefit of sponsorship

$15,000 Conference Leadership Sponsor

$5,000 level benefits plus:

Event sponsorship options:

May 16: DINNER AT THE DENVER ART MUSEUM (Available for sponsorship.)

Up to 3 sponsor representatives at the event

2 sponsor representatives may attend the conference as a benefit of sponsorship